18 Shameless Animals That Had Their Owners Laughing Through Tears

4 years ago

Animals help us become better: they teach us to be calm and incredibly patient. We love them no matter what — even though they irritate us with half-eaten shoes, broken flower pots and so much more. But we have to admit, they have small hearts full of love. How can we stay mad at them?

Bright Side has collected photos of pets who don’t feel ashamed about what they do.

Without the dog, this would be a regular boring wedding photo. He fixed it!

A family went to the movies for 3 hours and came back to this:

“My mom sent me this photo this morning.”

“Whenever I try to get my 12-week-old Siberian Husky puppy to do anything, this is his response.”

“My oldest buddy is already 18 but that doesn’t stop him from drinking my water.”

“My girlfriend sent me this. She was trying to do work. She did not do any work.”

“Victor will not leave his big brother Theo alone...ever.”

“She’s a huge drama queen. This was her reaction to having to wear her rain boots outside.”

“Hey, how are you?”

You always feel safe with a dog like this.

“Did you really think my services were for free?”

“Now we know where the socks go!”

“This is what I call a great walk.”

“My dog stole my spot on the bed then made this face.”

“My dog was pretty proud of his work on the table.”

And he’s not going to stop.

“Nope, haven’t seen your ice cream. Why?”


Send us photos of your pets and the crazy things they do, and we’ll make a new article together!

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