18 Times the Universe Decided to Show Us a New Side of Things

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Casual things can sometimes be very unpredictable. Even an icicle can have an absolutely magical shape. You may notice that a street cat has an additional toe, so its paws look like they belong to an alien. There are thousands of things around you that can change your perspective.

1. “A cat behind a hanging monster statue”

2. “The way the ice forms on the fuel sign”

3. “Don’t leave your socks outside.”

4. “My son’s pointer toe is attached to his big toe.”

5. “I found these trees holding up a bench seat.”

6. “This bench with a concrete spine that looks like a mattress”

7. “A sign on a fence asking people not to put signs on the fence”

8. “This twisted driftwood I found on the beach”

9. “My fingers turn deathly pale sometimes.”

10. “This unusually straight banana”

11. “This tree growing out of the stump of another tree”

12. “It started raining, and this tree with gray bark suddenly turned tie-dye colors where the water hit.”

13. “A school of jellyfish congregated under this boat.”

14. “A dog with bubbles over his eyes”

15. “I found the cliff this Clif bar came from.”

16. “This incredible carrot hand was found while digging for carrots at our farm today.”

17. “This unusually large squirrel on my friend’s college campus”

18. “This cat that lives in the parking lot at my job has extra toes.”

How attentive are you to the environment? Did you notice any unusual things today?

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