19 Animals Whose Emotions Are Written on Their Muzzles

3 years ago

It’s believed that animals are less emotional than people, at least from the outside. But there are pets who prove this to be false because they smile, feel resentment, and get jealous. And it’s impossible to mistake these feelings for something else because animals express them quite clearly.

We at Bright Side believed every emotion that made it into this article because all these animals were sincere as possible.

“Behold my dog Frida, who ate a whole stack of Kraft singles while I was in the shower.”

When you tell your dog the neighbors’ dog is pregnant:

“Stop. What do you mean you need to work?”

Anger, fury, expression!

“We got a new puppy and here’s how the cat is coping.”

“He looks so sad today because he misses playing with the kids in the building. He just watches them from the patio.”

“We didn’t feed our cat since we have to go to the vet for a blood test this evening. I watched this all morning until the clinic opened.”

“After 2 years, I was able to convince my grandpa to give me his dog that he kept in a cage in the garage. She is very happy.”

“I was trying to take a pic of my cat in the sun when he suddenly looked up at me...”

“She’s happy because she received a belly rub from a butterfly.”

“This is Buckley. It’s his ‘Gotcha Day.’ He claims he hasn’t had any cake yet and I believe him.”

“What are you doing in my home?”

“Having a hard time getting any work done...”

“Is there anything you lost in here?”

“I love how you can tell their personality types by their faces.”

“She’s so happy about her birthday cake that she even appears to be smiling.”

“This is Tonka. It’s his first time at the park and he’s a little shy.”

“I smell something tasty in here.”

When your cat really likes to eat plants:

Please show us photos of your pets not being able to hold their emotions back.


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