19 Couples That Deal With Family Problems Better Than Any Psychologist

4 years ago

We think that marital vows are missing one important phrase, “I promise to not take the little things too seriously.” This would help to avoid millions of conflicts over nothing and people could just enjoy their relationships.

Bright Side realized that family life is all about humor and these couples cracked this secret.

1. Family life is always dangerous.

2. “My husband is a fool... Yes, every cookie has a bite mark in it...”

3. “My wife asked me to make some ads for our garage sale on Facebook. I think I found the perfect hook.”

4. And you don’t need to know where you made the mistake.

5. Marriage is about sharing (almost) everything.

6. A married man enjoying a holiday with his wife and kids at a beach...

7. He values even the smallest things.

8. “My wife and I don’t agree on how to decorate a tree. 4 years ago we started this as a joke and it is still going strong.”

9. “I was wondering why my wife was giggling when she asked me to change the air filters...”

10. “Day 14 of wife being away on a work trip”

11. Women don’t really need a lot.

12. An advantage of being married is knowing that someone is worried about you.

13. “My husband just tried to use our cat as a feather duster to remove a cobweb from the ceiling.”

14. “Wife cracked her iPhone screen and asked me to fix it.”

15. “Wife is out, packing my own lunch this week.”

16. “What happens when you ask your wife for a sandwich, when she is very angry?”

17. “My wife asked me to buy her a calendar for work, so I did.”

18. You can never really tell what your wife is doing.

19. “This guy sends sexy pictures of himself cleaning to his wife.”

Bonus: You can solve any problem using balloons.

Do you have your own ways of dealing with family problems?

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#9.. I have just got my next troll idea for my sisters and mom :D
Guys from pic #6 can also be found in the shopping malls with a lot of bags :D

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