19 People Born Under a Lucky Star

3 years ago

You’re considered really lucky if you’ve ever won a food lottery, had a helmet save your life or found a lost ring after 10 years. Sometimes life gives us second chances and we call that a lucky star. Thanks to people who had a camera in their hands at the right moment, we have proof that some supernatural powers manage to save us.

Bright Side found 19 pictures of people who must have been born under a lucky star.

1. It’s always nice when you don’t have to deal with your insurance company.

2. The ring is back!

3. This is the beginning of a second life.

4. “These blueberries made her day.”

5. Too close...

6. This person won the food lottery!

7. Never forget about safety...

8. Stupid, but lucky!

9. “Hey, eggplant, nice to meet you!”

10. Well, he should save this t-shirt.

11. Lucky boy — he will never forget this moment.

12. This probably saved 2 lives.

13. Ouch...

14. Oh, yes! This guy is a winner.

15. The moment when you’re unlucky, but still super lucky:

16. “Next time, I’ll go shopping with him...”

17. This fish has no idea it’s their lucky day.

18. Dance!

19. Smart tree

Leave a comment if you’ve been in situations that prove you were born under a lucky star.


Never been in any of these situations but I consider myself lucky ;) Don't you?

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