19 People Prove That Even the Smallest Deeds Make Our World a Better Place

4 years ago

It is not surprising that superhero movies are extremely popular nowadays because the world always needs people that protect others and do good deeds. But you can “wear the cape” even if you don’t have any superpowers. Different people do it in different ways: some grow entire forests or collect thousands of dollars for bags for children in shelters, and others just feed little kittens or help their wives with the cleaning.

We at Bright Side are 100% sure that kindness consists of small and big actions. In order to inspire others, we want to show you some impressive examples of kindness from the following people.

A man from Russia grew a forest in a place where there used to be a construction site junkyard. Now, there are rabbits and pheasants living in this forest.

Romance is not flowers and chocolate. It’s cleaning a grimy tub.

“I have endometriosis. For those unfamiliar, it means a lot of things, but relevant to this post, it means Mother Nature gives me a whole lot of pain every month. And I can’t do anything about it. On one of these days, my husband brought me a snack, cleaned the tub perfectly, then cleaned up the kitchen and made me lunch. I have never, in my life, felt more cherished or protected.”

“In Norway, you get a small amount of money for recycling bottles and cans. They’re often collected by poor people, the homeless, etc. A lot of our trash cans have these holders around them so people don’t have to search through the trash to collect them.”

“The fire department was responding to a medical emergency in my apartment complex. When they got done as they headed out they took time to stop and help my elderly father and I move our heaviest items into our moving truck. It was 103 degrees, and they were very kind.”

“This is my mom. She runs a nonprofit called Hope Pkgs out of Holland, MI where she makes first night bags for kids in foster care. Over the past 4 years, she has been able to fully provide several counties with all the bags they need. So far she has made over 2,400 bags!”

A protestor holds an umbrella over a journalist

This man was sketching people on the subway and telling them that they were beautiful.

A charity called Walk on Water introduces special needs kids to surfing. This amazing photo was snapped during a session.

This tired fireman is trying to put the flames out in the Amazon.

“This is my daughter. Over the past 2 years, she’s raised over $12,000 to help NH/MA kids entering foster care get duffel bags full of goodies so they wouldn’t have to move with a trash bag or enter foster care empty-handed.”

“My sister wakes up very early every morning to take care of some malnourished stray kittens she found a week ago.”

“So I am part of a traffic jam in Germany and just wanted to remind everyone that you should always build an emergency corridor at any time.”

This 9-year-old girl builds shelters on wheels for the homeless and grows food for them as well.

A mother is always a mother.

“There has been a steady decline in monarch butterflies in our area so my girlfriend has started her own caterpillar/milkweed farm to help restore the population!”

The farmers of this sunflower field give away their flowers for free.

“My daughter donating her 12” of hair she’s grown for Wigs For Kids"

The city roads crew saw this little boy sitting outside with his grandmother wearing his reflective vest, and watching them work. So they asked him if he wanted to help.

Jessie is part of a program at a children’s hospital that teaches patients they shouldn’t be afraid of procedures by showing them how it’s done. To get through an echocardiogram you just lie on your back and hold your mom’s hand.

What good things have you done this week? Tell us in the comment section below.

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That's crazy to see everyone work togheter and form a row in the traffic jam.. where Im from people would abuse this and just drive in the middle
recently I installed a special searching app on my phone - if you search 45 the creators will plant a tree. I decided that I use my phone a lot anyway, why not to help the planet while doing it too?
I really admire people who donate their hair from whose who are in need

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