19 People That Just Wanted to Get a Cat but Didn’t Think About the Consequences

3 years ago

When you get a cat, your life changes. You won’t be able to get up at the time you want, you may be attacked at the most unexpected moment, and a calm mealtime will only be possible in your dreams. But your life will definitely be way more fun.

We at Bright Side adore cats, even despite all the crazy stunts they pull.

What’s really the point of blackout curtains if your cat is going to open them every morning?

Throne of destruction

“What do you mean by, ’What did you do?’ The shower curtains were like this already!”

“Because who needs personal space... Or to breathe...”

“Loki says no to me crocheting.”

“Does this count? She didn’t even let me wrap my towel properly first.”

“Benny recently learned that the acoustics in the shower will amplify his voice and the curtain will protect him from the squirt bottle. His concerts start at 4 AM and last until everyone in the house is up with him.”

“Moved the stove today and found Gracie’s stash...”

“Slept in past normal breakfast time...”

“My father attempting to eat dinner in peace”

“Every single day... He will stay in the bag pretending to be stuck, then attack you effortlessly, launching himself free if you offer help.”

“Of all the places to sit... She picks the clean dry cleaning.”

“Her name is Oh No! It fits her very well. While I’m sweeping, she’s scattering the debris around! She’s currently obsessed with uncooked spaghetti, keeps her entertained for hours!”

“This happens when I open a can of tuna.”

“My cat sits up here all night meowing for attention, even if I bring her down to spend time together, she runs back up immediately and keeps meowing. Why cat, why?”

“Harry, hiding under the side of the bed waiting to grab my feet”

“A compilation of my cat Jasmine screaming at me because she swatted her crinkle toy under the stove. She screams so loud she shuts her eyes sometimes. The neighbors hear her from outside the house. My cat is a banshee.”

One piece of tuna = one piece released

“My dad bought a cactus to discourage Mingus from getting on the counter. Here’s Mingus with the cactus.”

How has your life changed since you got a cat?

Preview photo credit mristre / Reddit


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These guys will come into your life and turn it upside down ;D


haha the one sitting on the cleandried clothes reminds me of mine... always needs to sit on the "special" place


It's always a great laugh to see these cat posts, makes me want to get one but I am scared my dog won't like it


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