19 People Who Found Real Treasure in a Sea of Trash

3 years ago

The doors of large secondhand shops can be compared to the gates to Narnia. As soon as you get inside, you immediately find yourself in some new, unfamiliar world. It’s there you may come across strange junk, antiquities, and things that some people just don’t need anymore. So many things are stored there that inexperienced thrift shop visitors don’t always know where to look first. But the eyes of experienced customers light up at the prospect of finding something valuable. And some of these people get incredibly lucky on their “hunt.”

We at Bright Side watch with curiosity as people manage to notice treasure amid useless junk. After witnessing the results of their searches, we can’t help but want to test our own luck and take a walk through a flea market.

“I found this in the dumpster of my local thrift shop this morning. It’s marked as 14K gold and weighs 1.28 oz. I took it to my local jeweler and got $750. This has definitely been a good week.”

“I can’t believe I found this authentic vintage Christian Dior bag for $3.00. I checked all the markings and found out vintage sellers sell it for $600+ online.”

“All these rings are made of solid gold, although they were marked as costume jewelry at a thrift shop. I paid $5 for each.”

“I found this cool 1940s jewelry box at a thrift shop yesterday.”

“This is probably my best find — a vintage platinum diamond and blue sapphire ring. It cost only $19.99.”

“I found this at a flea market for $5. A ladies’ Sheaffer pen with a 14K gold nib!”

“I paid only $3 for a ring, although both of them have a 950PT mark which means the stones are most likely real diamonds.”

“This is my best find. I found a shabby wallet with a bunch of old money in it in a trash can.”

“Tonight, I found a vintage ivory hairbrush and a Tiffany & Co. shaving brush with a sterling silver lid.”

“I bought this at a flea market for $1. All the stones turned out to be real diamonds and the metal is platinum.”

“My daughter found this vintage Victoria’s Secret lingerie at the thrift shop. It has tags from 1982 and it’s brand new.”

“I got this bracelet made of 14K gold with diamonds and rubies for next to nothing — I only paid $15.”

“The flea market literally presented me this sterling silver tableware for 25 cents.”

“This 14K white gold and diamond bracelet cost only $3.”

“I found this thing for $3 and I’ve already taken it to a local professional who specializes in Chinese artifacts. He believes that the metal is silver and that this thing was made in the early to mid-1700s.”

“This authentic vintage Louis Vuitton bag with all its accessories can be easily sold for $1,500 to $2,000. And I got it for only $6.99!”

“I didn’t realize until I got home that these sunglasses were plated with real gold.”

“A 10K gold pocket watch for less than $5 — seems like a lucky find.”

“This $25 choker seemed expensive to me at first. But when I went back to get it another time, I already knew that it was made of gold leaf and produced in Germany in the 1960s. Now I’m just in love with this find.”

Do you go to secondhand stores? Have you ever managed to find anything similar?

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