19 People Who Found Their Doppelgänger in a Family Member

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4 months ago

Genetics plays a major role in a person’s physical appearance, and family members tend to look very similar to each other. From the shape of the nose to the color of the eyes, physical characteristics can be passed down from generation to generation, creating a striking resemblance. However, there are some cases where the resemblance ends up being a carbon copy.

1. “My grandfather in the 1950s and me in 2010”

2. “My mother in 1967 vs. my wife in 2017”

3. “Myself and my daughter at fifteen months, wearing our respective father’s hats”

4. “My dad and my son”

5. “My grandma’s Lebanese passport picture from 1955 (left) and me in the present (right)”

6. “My high school picture freshman year in 2004 next to my dad’s senior picture in 1975”

7. “A side-by-side with my dad”

8. “My son and I — age 3”

9. “My husband (1978) and daughter (2012)”

10. “My daughter — age 2 in 1998 — on the left, my granddaughter — age two in 2019 — on the right”

11. “My dad in 1985 and me in 2017”

12. “Myself and my son 32 years later. I think I may have some strong genes.”

13. “Me in 1988 vs. my daughter in 2021”

14. “My grandfather and I”

15. “I’m a lot like my great-aunt.”

16. “My father and I in 1980, and my son and I in 2018”

17. “My first was born in 2015 (left) and my second was born in 2019 (right). They both had the same due date but four years apart!”

18. “My brother in 1992 and his son in 2022”

19. “Buddy of mine. 2014 vs 1977. Father and son. Both 20 years old.”

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