19 People Who Got Played by Fate

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Life is unpredictable and unexpected things often happen. Sometimes they can be events that are good for us and sometimes not so good, but they are inevitable, and it is best to take them in the easiest possible way. Like these users, who with some humor shared something that happened to them and left them speechless, but a photo helped them say it all.

1. “I think my wife forgot she was 7 and a half months pregnant when she tried to hide so she could jump out and scare me.”

2. “Bought a Coke from the vending machine at the university and this is how it decided to drop.”

3. “Woke up to a snake in my drawer (Australia)”

4. “TV in a hotel room”

5. “Got excited from far away about the motel having a swimming pool...”

6. “My local Goodwill organizes the books by color, not subject.”

7. “Kept hearing noises coming from my cabinets. I checked everywhere. The last place I looked was the silverware drawer.”

8. “Man, I just wanted to know how much I weigh.”

9. “I put in so much effort to look nice for a big work event, only to have the picture they post look like I’m wearing jeans and boots under my dress.”

10. “Grocery delivery decided to skip bagging. (I tipped $25)”

11. “Small vs. medium orange juice”

12. “Thought I’d gone mad 3 weeks ago when I couldn’t find this shallot while making dinner. This morning I hear a noise... He’s stolen it as a toy!”

13. “My wife bought this $9 Christmas ornament.”

14. “Turns out I don’t need to go that badly...”

15. “Think I just made my boyfriend a puppy milk latte”

16. “Panic at first sight”

17. “The temptation is real.”

18. “My fridge shot out a completely grey ice cube.”

19. “A horse tried to follow me home on my walk this morning.”

Did something so unexpected happen to you that you had no choice but to take it with humor?

Preview photo credit Diabaticabacus88 / Reddit


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