19 Photos That Prove Kids Easily Add Some Adventure to Your Life

Life will never get boring if you have children. One day you may wake up and see your son cleaning a potty with a toothbrush. And your daughter may get caught taking a bath in a toilet bowl. Just don’t forget to take a picture to show them later when they are adults.

1. “I thought there was a ghost baby on the crib monitor! It turns out it’s the mattress sticker.”

2. “In case anyone is wondering how we’re doing as parents, this is my 3-year-old cleaning his potty with my toothbrush.”

3. “From the first day working at home — she got pink slime in her hair.”

4. “Hide and seek with my 2-year-old”

5. “She wanted a bath.”

6. “This child built a cicada skin army.”

7. “He refused to let me help him order his food because he’s a ’big boy.’ Now he’s sitting mad with his egg on a hot dog bun with jalapeños and black olives.”

8. “He didn’t want his shoes to get wet, so he put paper bags on his feet and waded into the ocean.”

9. “You turn your back for 30 seconds...”

10. “My friend’s daughter plus flowers”

11. “My boss brought his son to work today.”

12. “The 4-year-old made this while I slept. I’m not hungry anymore.”

13. “My son thinks he found the bandaids.”

14. “The kids found the sunroof button.”

15. “My son’s biggest fear”

16. “Mom, can he sleep with us?”

17. “My son just made a huge mess. This is his ’just let me explain’ face.”

18. “I woke up to my daughter standing over me like this. I’ve never been so proud or terrified.”

19. “My 4-year-old put cupcakes in my dress shoes. Are they ruined?”

How many kids do you have? How do they make your life crazy?

Preview photo credit Unknown author / Imgur


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