19 Photos That Prove Pets and Their Owners Are Like 2 Peas in a Pod

3 years ago

We often notice that our pets become like us. Sadahiko Nakajima, who holds a Ph.D. in psychology, wondered why this phenomenon occurs. He determined that a person subconsciously chooses a pet who mirrors their appearance. And in time, many of our fluffy friends start copying their owners’ behavior without losing their unique features.

We at Bright Side believe that such behavior is a pet’s way of manifesting their unconditional love for their humans. And the animals from our compilation are direct proof of this theory.

When your cat is ready to support you in everything

“My sister and her boyfriend took a family photo.”

“My grandpa when we pulled into his driveway”

“My aunt and her cat who almost never leaves her”

“This is us on our way home after adopting her. Like father like daughter!”

“My husband and our cat making the same happy face”

A great cycling team

“My daughter is laughing at Franky for sitting just like us.”

“Our cat sits like my dad.”

“When my dad drinks coffee, his pug sits near him because he also wants coffee. And if my dad turns to him, the dog immediately turns away or looks at him with admiration.”

“This is Tali. She sat on my shoulder for most of the 90-minute drive.”

“This is my dog Nala and me.”

“This happens every time my husband starts gaming.”

“When your friend can’t stop copying you”

“Memphis and I are tucked in bed.”

“I took this little girl in from the shelter today and she’s already found the best spot to sit while I game.”

“My friend and his dog are very similar.”

“Milkshake and I are enjoying my vacation.”

Just a cat marching next to its human...

Do your pets look like you? Share photos of you with your favorite fluffy friends and we’ll include them in our next article!

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I love it when there's pics of cats being brought home from a shelter and they already show so much love


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