19 Pics Reminding Us That the Universe Has a Lot of Surprises

2 years ago

Sometimes people strike it lucky in the lottery of nature and witness something that’s hard to look away from. All it takes is a bit of patience and attentiveness. 19 Reddit users who keep an eye on the unusual prove that it’s possible to rediscover ordinary things.

Bright Side is throwing down evidence of how nature has fun when it’s bored.

1. “Got my cat wholesale and he came with 75% extra beans.”

2. “I cast a very long shadow at sunset near Hatteras, North Carolina.”

3. “This picture isn’t edited. This was the result of perfect timing with the lightning. My friend accidentally took this.”

4. “Found a frog in the center of my mass cane!”

5. “I keep posting my new baby everywhere because I’m just too proud of him! He is polydactyl like his mom!”

6. “My dog’s back kinda looks like the Air Jordan jumping man logo.”

7. “The seeds inside of my tomato have started to grow.”

8. “My kitten showing off her polydactyl toe beans”

9. The stunning decay of a lemon

10. “This 11-lb mushroom from my parents’ backyard.”

11. “The aura was so bright, I took this just holding my phone in my hands.”

12. “Caught a shiny lobster.”

13. “The view at the top...of a wooden fence post.”

14. “The way the mud froze on my truck looks like a painting of the forest.”

15. “My youngest chicken laid this tiny egg.”

16. “This chameleon blends in with a chameleon puzzle.”

17. “The way these stones look elevated after sand was washed away by the rain”

18. “This tree has lost its leaves everywhere except where the light from the street light reaches.”

19. “This small village is made completely out of the sand and it’s on a stump in the middle of nowhere.”

Have you seen something unusual recently? Can you share a photo?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit SayianPrincess19 / reddit


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