19 Pictures of Nature’s Beauty That Will Totally Charm You

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Even during our busiest days, we can sometimes lose ourselves when observing nature. Actually, researches have shown that looking at scenes in nature can indeed improve our health, and even reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.

To provide you with some health benefits and stress relief, Bright Side prepared this list with a few things you can admire in nature.

1. When did cats start looking like this?

2. “This is what an artichoke looks like if you let it bloom.”

3. “A whole bunch of turtles hanging out on a log”

4. “Passion Vine is showing out this morning!”

5. “I grew strawberries with happy feet.”

6. “I gasped.”

7. Cloud iridescence is a phenomenon that happens when small water droplets in the clouds scatter the sun’s light.

8. “This 6-in-1 pineapple I found today”

9. Poisonous dart frogs come in all colors and look like candies.

10. “Mt. Fuji — rare lenticular cloud”

11. “Perfect spiderweb after the rain”

12. This colorful lace bug’s wings look like stained glass.

13. “This strawberry from my garden only ripened halfway.”

14. “The color on this 6-spotted tiger beetle”

15. “Birds decided to commandeer my hose the day after I installed the hose rack on the wall.”

16. “Found a recently molted dragonfly.”

17. “This leaf looks pixelated.”

18. Salar de Uyuni is a large salt flat that, in the rainy season, becomes a shallow lake, creating this stunning reflective surface.

19. This fungus looks like it came from an episode of Stranger Things.

Have you ever been impressed by something you saw or discovered about nature? What was it? We would love to know in the comments.

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