19 Restaurants That Took Plating Way, Way Too Far

3 years ago

When we go to a restaurant, we just want to be served food on a plate. If it’s a fancy place, then food on a fancy plate will do. I mean, that’s the whole idea. Plus, plating food is a pretty easy concept. Yet there are many places that love experimenting with strange plating techniques... Fine by us. But when you get your food served on a garden shovel, you know things have gone too far. Not to mention a deconstructed breakfast served in a —wait for it— egg carton. Yes, that’s a thing. And unfortunately, it’s wild out there.

So Bright Side made a compilation of the wildest platings around the globe, thanks to what Reddit users shared online. We hope you’re ready to experience true creativity.

1. Picnic in the garden, just the way I like it 🙄

2. “It finally happened to me last night.”

3. “Went to a wedding last night and had this tall glass of cream of chicken soup.”

4. “Coke in a mini bucket, what’s wrong with these people”

5. “Fried rice... in a shovel for some very random reason”

6. “A Caesar salad at a resort in Costa Rica. While all the parts might taste good, how to eat it is escaping me...”

7. “My tiramisu came in a moka pot, scraping the food out of there made the most awful sounds.”

8. “This inverted umbrella kept tipping the whole time.”

9. “My husband and I feel a little ridiculous.”

10. “My bread kept falling of this rock, where is my plate?”

11. “Breakfast in an egg carton”

12. “Please, take a seat...”

13. “Onion rings on a funnel”

14. “Gordon Ramsay, you should know better. This is not OK. (Gordon Ramsay Burger in Las Vegas)”

15. A box full of... surprises?

16. “My appetizer came locked in a box.”

17. “Fancy lobster roll, served on a bent can”

18. “Pizza served on a floor tile”

19. “We just wanted some churros...”

Would you be able to eat something, even if it was not served on a plate? Have you ever experienced this kind of plating? We want to read your comments!


11 is cute tho, maybe something that I would do at home ^_^
the food in 2nd photo is from my country (I at least think) and its called Rafijoli but I never saw someone have sauce with it?

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