19 Selfies Where Pets Stole the Show

3 years ago

Taking a selfie with your pet can be one of the most difficult things to do, either because some pets clearly are not into posing for the camera, or because even if they do like taking pictures, we might overdo it. But regardless of what the situation is, they always end up stealing the show.

Bright Side gathered 19 fun pet selfies with their owners in which their furry friends clearly took the lead role and captured everyone’s attention. At the end of the article you will find a bonus that includes a selfie of a celebrity and his pet, proving that even in Hollywood, pets are pulling off the selfie photobomb trend.

1. Looks like this dog has had enough of taking selfies...

2. “He’s going to be a shoulder cat!”

3. My name is Woof, James Woof

4. “Trying to take a selfie with my dog when all of a sudden...”

5. “I think my cat has had enough of selfies.”

6. “Someone needs to get on a diet...”

7. “My dog, Oliver, the dorkiest boy alive, fake smiling for a selfie”

8. Let me snow you how to take a selfie, hooman.

9. “Saturday morning selfie with Buddy the comfort cat”

10. That feeling when your dog just doesn’t take thirst trap selfies seriously...

11. “Selfies with the grandpup, he didn’t want us to get another dog, now he takes care of him while we work.”

12. “Tried a selfie with my cat, but then he went pride rock.”

13. “Me trying to take a proper selfie with my cat”

14. “When you try to take a selfie with your dog:”

15. “My dad: I don’t want a dog. Also my dad taking selfies:”

16. How did you get there, buddy?

17. “Quit working already, it’s Caturday!”

18. “Growing up with my little girl Mila.”

19. “Please don’t mind my inability to make a normal face while admiring my long-distance boyfriend and our precious cat!”

Bonus: Chris Evans is a pro when it comes to taking selfies with his dog.

Do you have any other fun or cute selfies with your pet? Share them with us in the comment section along with a caption!

Preview photo credit TheKingDries / Reddit


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My dog is like many of these. He doesn't like selfie... but when he's in the mood we take good ones tho


The last one is so adorable! The cat looks at him in such an honest way ?


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