19 Things That Are Actually Visible From Space, Now We Can See How Our Actions Have Changed the Earth

4 years ago

One of the most famous space-myths is that The Great Wall of China is the only human achievement that can be seen from space. NASA busted this myth by showing us that there are many more gargantuan man-made things that can be observed from above. Some of them are astonishing, while others are disheartening.

At Bright Side we searched for all the jaw dropping things that one would be able to see during their spacewalk. A number of which are active alarms that our planet needs our support now more than ever before. Scroll down till the end — nature’s wizardry in the bonus is the ultimate reward.

1. The sight of the Amazon fires is devastating.

2. The elegance of this Arabian pier is stunning.

3. Those seemingly tiny sticks used to be a forest.

4. Little by little pollution is poisoning the oceans.

5. Perfectly symmetrical fields that can be seen from space.

6. Each color of these potash ponds from a potassium mine in Utah indicates a different state of evaporation.

7. A couple of decades back no one would have thought that humans would create whole islands like Palm Island in Dubai.

8. This image might look like a metro map or electrical circuits, but these are actually oil fields in Argentina.

9. If you cannot go to space, bring the stars to Earth.

10. A mosaic design beside an Arizona road is better appreciated from above.

11. A massive hand-dug diamond mine called Big Hole cannot be ignored.

12. Perfectly designed plantations near Brazil, where Earth was used as a canvas.

13. Roadway structures should be considered works of arts at times.

14. A human-made oasis in the middle of nowhere

15. Kohnen Search Station in Antarctica caused an internet panic with everyone developing theories about this mysterious structure caught by a Google satellite.

16. Mines look like they are inviting you to touch them and the truth is, they are gigantic.

17. Not all man-made changes are bad, check out this amazing hotel in the middle of the China desert.

18. This is what The Great Wall of China actually looks like from space.

19. One of the saddest phenomena of our times: deforestation

Bonus: Nature will never stop astonishing us. This is an abstract painting made with gold and green paint called the Amazon River.

Moving lava creates a spectacular effect.

The warmer temperatures in the waters cause ice melting. We should take better care of our home.

After all, nature truly loves us. Here’s an icy heart-shaped glacier in Greenland.

If you had 24 hours in the International Space Station which places would you like to see on Earth from up there? Tell us more about your imaginary spacewalk in the comments!

Preview photo credit Google Earth


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This is actually the first time I saw a picture of the amazon fire.. :/ why do people do this again?


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