19 Times Designers Tried to Astonish You With Non-Standard Decisions

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Design can please your mind, and be relaxing or challenging. Some of them are created to make you question or leave you shocked. For example, a bottle of cleaning agent in rhinestones. It could look weird, but this is the first thing you will notice in a shop.

1. “Apparently, this is a Kardashian thing?”

2. “This face mask makes me extremely anxious.”

3. “Slippery when wet, I fell down just looking at the picture.”

4. “Sunflower seed tattoo”

5. “Just a cake covered in white chocolate teeth.”

6. “A good way to make sure nobody steals your luggage”

7. “Low rider Batmobile”

8. “Did a double take when I saw this rock in my friend’s yard. She said it came from the tenants before her, but I think it is the tenant.”

9. “This bathroom door I found”

10. “American pool table”

11. “My sausage and mashed potato birthday cake”

12. “This man is doing Movember right.”

13. “Love me some meat with my cheese.”

14. “This mug I made for my dad when I was 8.”

15. “I found this in Mexico”

16. “My house has many of these architectural flaws.”

17. “Very bad design”

18. Advertised as an “invisible chair”

19. “I saw this beauty today. How does someone shower without making the toilet paper soggy?”

Which design was the funniest for you? Do you love to design things by yourself, and why?


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