2 Selfish Women Decided to Ruin a Wedding by Singing “Happy Birthday” to Their Friend

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The goal of marriage is to celebrate the happy couple’s love while everyone puts their egos aside. However, some individuals don’t seem to mind this way of thinking. One wedding guest recalled how 2 women took it upon themselves to stop the festivities and completely ruined the celebration.

It looked like it was long planned.

Someone on Reddit recently shared a story about 2 women who ruined a friend’s wedding. In the unfortunate conjunction of events, one of the guests, a 38-year-old man, no less, happened to have a birthday on the wedding day. Neither he nor the newlywed couple knew that the birthday boy’s mom and a friend were scheming a plan.

It was a shock to everyone.

As the couple finished cutting their cake, without skipping a beat, the women winked at one another from across the aisle. Then the mother of a birthday boy suddenly signaled the DJ for attention. She requested for the DJ to pause the music so that everyone at the wedding would look over to her beloved kid and — you better believe it — sing, out loud, “Happy Birthday” to this grown-up man.

It felt like there were no regrets in the end.

As it’s been told, the bride and groom had no idea, and their expressions were that of fury and confusion. The birthday boy was completely unaware of what had just occurred. And that is precisely when the Redditor spoke up and said how embarrassing that would be if her mom did something like that to her and that she should not have taken attention away from the newlyweds. She snapped at the storyteller and said with a smirky smile, “Well, this isn’t for you now, is it?”

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What they should've done is talked to the bride and groom first to see if this was acceptable. This is THEIR day after all and you were at their party nit to mention the fact that your son is 38 yrs old. All in all, if you are at someone else's celebration, you get the ok from them first.


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