20+ Amazing Comic Illustrations That Will Make You Look at Things Differently

4 years ago

There are lots of things surrounding us that can make our day brighter. Seeing something unusual in things considered to be ordinary can be a kind of art! Tango Gao’s sketches help everyone to see the humor in everyday situations with his insightful mind.

We at Bright Side are happy to introduce you to real masterpieces from this illustrator, artist, and author. Let's get inspired together!

1. Cats will always be cats.

2. Make games not war.

3. You can do more than you think.

4. Always keep your posture in mind.

5. A cat can make you stylish.

6. Napoleon's got a new job.

7. Another sleepless night!

8. Penguins can make your day brighter.

9. Shadow games

10. This is where dachshunds come from.

11. See how grateful and polite dogs can be!

12. What would we do without cats?

13. Happy birthday, hand dryer!

14. Jordan got his own coat hanger.

15. This is the biggest everyday trouble.

16. Finally found a use for it!

17. Wedding fuss be like...

18. Never stop dreaming.

19. Wind makes you brutal.

20. When no one sees:

21. With cheeks like these, you'll always be in touch.

Tango Gao, a comic illustrator from Shanghai, makes our world brighter with his extraordinary view of life. He has had shows in Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, and New York. Share in the comments which works of Tango Gao you liked the most!

Preview photo credit tango2010weibo, tangosleepless


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