20 Animal Twins From Different Species That Made Us Go “Aww”

4 years ago

There’s a theory that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, and some of them have already found each other. And it seems that there are no rules — they can be of different ages, live in different places, and they can even be of different species, when it comes to animals. And although it seems almost impossible, we still keep asking ourselves, “Are they real twins?” No, they’re not — but they’re so adorable together that it melts our hearts.

Here at Bright Side we’ve collected pictures of twins from different species that are so cute we can’t handle it.

1. Who knew a dog and a guinea pig who aren’t even related could have so much in common?

2. The look of adoration

3. Find someone who looks at you the way this cat looks at his guinea pig twin.

4. Hey, big brother!

5. They even sleep in the same way.

6. They’re gonna be the best of friends.

7. Brothers from other mothers — that’s for sure!

8. Happiness overload

9. They’re just the perfect match.

10. Wanna take a ride? Sure, bro!

11. A horse and its “mini-me”

12. Sleeping cuties

13. Laying in the grass and being serious and alike is totally their thing.

14. Their facial expressions say it all.

15. Even though they’re so much alike, dog remains dog and cat remains cat.

16. Adorable twinsies in the wild

17. Twin besties from different species

18. They’ve found each other and are having the best time together.

19. Idyllic moment

20. Our hearts are totally melted now.

Which pair do you think is the cutest? Have you ever seen any twins like these in different species in real life? Share with us in comments.


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