20+ Animals That Are So Emotional They Could Start an Acting Career

3 years ago

Hollywood actors are about to face some serious competition from the animal kingdom. There are plenty of cats, dogs, and other kinds of animals who are so emotional and expressive they will either put a smile on your face or you’ll nominate them for an Oscar.

We at Bright Side are sharing our love for our little friends with this list of animals who are so expressive with their feelings that they deserve some kind of award.

1. You know that he loves this deep down... it just doesn’t show.

2. “You’re scaring me! I’m getting the heck outta here!!!!!”

3. We all need to channel our inner “Oscar the Grouch” every now and then.

4. Did somebody just say squirrel?

5. Kitty knows you didn’t wash your hands.

6. Smiling is just contagious, even in baby birds.

7. And the award goes to...

8. You’d think this dog had never seen a frisbee before.

9. He’s here to kick butt and bury bones...

10. It’s cute how humans still believe they run the world.

11. Today this groomer made a very powerful enemy.

12. “Happy as a fox” needs to be a new expression.

13. The water hasn’t even started yet and he’s already plotting his revenge.

14. That painting tells no lies!

15. Well, some puppy looks exited!

16. He probably wanted a cheesecake.

17. It’s all fun and games until your cat folds in on itself.

18. “You talking to me?”

19. “My dog bought an Xbox with all the half-chewed bones he’s been saving for the last 3 years!”

20. Somebody needs to hire this photogenic gecko to sell car insurance.

21. This baby seal says hello!

Do you have any photos of your pets that you want to share with the world? We’d love to see them in the comments!


My cat makes exactly the same face like Akita in #18n when I want to wash him ???
when they say that animals don't have motions and don't feel much - they should watch these photos

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