20 Animals That Were Caught in the Middle of Their Own “Madness”

3 years ago

We are used to the fact that cats either peacefully purr on our laps or don’t pay any attention to us at all and live strictly for their own pleasure. And dogs are just always happy to see us. But sometimes, system errors occur, and our pets start to behave strangely. What else would explain a dog trying to sit on a wall. And it’s better to not even mention cats who try to turn into bats.

We at Bright Side understand that everyone has a right to have their own little quirks. And when it comes to pets, the most important thing is to be quick enough to take their picture before they move.

He was at the epicenter of the disaster. But it was so cozy there, that he fell asleep while sitting up.

“I think my cat might be broken.”

“Help, something is wrong with my bat.”

Why do you need the floor if you can just “sit” on the wall?

Hamsters, just like cats, are also a bit liquid.

“I heard him barking and went to find out what was wrong. I found him sitting in the bird bath.”

We’re also very curious about what they’re looking for in this sticker.

“I think my dog may have been a cat in her past life.”

“Sometimes he falls asleep with his eyes open.”

It’s time to turn the heater off, the dog has started to melt.

“This is Merlin, and sometimes, this happens to him.”

“His first walk after he found a new home”

The main thing is to catch the right moment and take a photo.

“He’s just very excited about the carpet in our new house.”

This is what the cat version of breakfast in bed looks like.

“He genuinely sat like this for 10 minutes.”

When you look like a work of art (a Picasso painting):

“He’s always waiting for me when I’m coming up from the basement. He wants to surprise me and I act surprised every time.”

“Tell Cersei, it was me.”

It seems like this baby is trying to scare his owner away from the chair.

Do your fluffy friends have their own “crazy” time? Tell us about what usually happens during these moments. And if you have pictures, share them with us.

Preview photo credit yoshi___ben / Twitter


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I just found my dog's sibling!!!!! My dog also likes to jump like a bunny hahaha


Okay the cat that's hanging... unbelievable, just unbelievable


Raise your hand if you could scroll to funny images of cats and dogs all day long..... hahahah????


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