20 Animals We Thought Were Adorable Until They Yawned

3 years ago

Yawning is one of the most natural yet mysterious processes in the body. But as you know, not just people can yawn but animals can as well. How cute and lovely they become before they yawn! Cute bunnies show a mouth full of teeth and monkeys fall asleep peacefully on a car roof. Animals yawn in a completely frank manner and don’t even bother feeling ashamed — they don’t even close their mouths!

Here at Bright Side, we’ve compiled 20 pictures of yawning animals. We bet you’ll feel a desire to yawn after looking at just a few photos.

1. “Stop talking about the dentist. You are so boring that I want to yawn.”

2. There is no bigger temptation in the world than to put a finger in the mouth of a yawning cat.

3. “Couldn’t care less” is the best attitude to save your nerves.

4. “Nice story, honey...”

5. “Speak. I always yawn when I’m interested.”

6. Ohhh...that was a nice one.

7. Meetings with friends

8. “Just hold on...”

9. Your head is getting heavier...

10. “Did you take a picture of me while I was yawning?”

11. “Guys, just repeat after me.”

12. “I am not fleeping. I am just fuper tired of you!”

13. Who is next to yawn?

14. No stress

15. “Working is illegal in our zoo. I eat and I sleep.”

16. “Good night, buddies.”

17. Keep calm and yawn.

18. “I’m not yawning, I’m screaming that I need to leave my bed!”

19. A silent scream for coffee

20. Yaaaawwwn...was it sweet?

Have you yawned yet while reading this article? Do you yawn because of being bored or being tired? Or maybe you have your own theory?

Preview photo credit Animal Planet / facebook


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OMG! I yawned almost at every picture! Number 11 was my fav! Yours?


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