20 Animals Who Can Conquer Any Space, Even If It’s Incredibly Small

3 years ago

Sometimes we catch our pets hanging out in places that don’t seem comfortable at all, like pots, drawers, sinks, bowls, and even our pants. We search for them high and low for several hours and then discover our furry friends among documents or even in our shoes. And animals, in turn, glare at us in wonder, as if they have no idea what they did wrong.

We at Bright Side are fascinated by this weird hobby our beloved friends continue to practice and want you to take a look at it too.

1. “It’s their way of telling us they want to come out and play too.”

2. “My girlfriend found these weird plants growing outside.”

3. “Well, theoretically, he fits.”

4. “But those are my — oh, whatever.”

5. “Our new car came equipped with a pup-holder.”

6. “It says ’cat’ on it, so it’s mine.”

7. “Molly taking a shoe nap in the middle of the store”

8. “He has a perfect big bed, but still chooses to sleep on our cat’s bed every day.”

9. “Morty wanted to try on my shoe to see if it was his size. It’s a perfect fit!”

10. “Um, excuse me, your bread is ready.”

11. “I found him like this in the kitchen.”

12. “23 cat beds aren’t good enough...just the donation pile.”

13. “He broke his old pool, so he decided to sit here.”

14. “So this is how you use the hole in a pizza box...”

15. No need to spend money on cat beds, this jar is fine.

16. “I can’t imagine how this is comfy...”

17. “Look! I’m a shark!”

18. A true hide-and-seek master

19. “Turned my back for 20 seconds, and this boy is already in my concrete form.”

20. “My little bean can barely fit in a hat anymore.”

Our pets are such weirdos sometimes! What’s the strangest place you’ve ever caught your cat or dog in? We want to know!

Preview photo credit liveforthefeeds / Reddit


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