20+ Animals Who Know How to Dramatically Occupy Any Space, Especially the Kind in Your Heart

4 years ago

Every pet owner believes that their furry friend is the cutest one in the world. But sometimes pets start to look even more adorable when they decide to take a nap on the stairs, hide under a blanket, or squeeze through a drink coaster. Such situations make us believe that there’s a secret school where our pets learn how to dramatically occupy any place. So humans are left with no choice but to grab a camera and take a picture of them.

We at Bright Side are amazed by how stunning these pets look in these photos and are ready to introduce you to these guys who are real pros at posing for pics.

“My folding chair has a special ’kitten compartment.’”

“Master, you’d better go to work.”

“I’m sorry but this place is already occupied.”

When you’re not ready to admit that the summer is over:

“This is the place to develop a plan of how to enslave humanity.”

When “look what I can do” moves onto a whole new level:

“My boyfriend bought a sofa for our cat.”

Mood: Monday

“It seems like my dog has adopted some human habits.”

“My kitten likes to climb up my shoulder, bury her head into my hair, and fall asleep.”

The hedgehog did its best to look good in this photo.

“We’re comfortable here.”

“My boyfriend and my dog playing video games together”

How can you work with such company?

“Why do we buy expensive cat beds if they always lie on their owners anyway?”

“I bought my son a camping chair today. I took it home and heard my son crying after 10 seconds. This is why. ”

When you’re prepared to do anything for your loved ones:

“They do this at the same time every day.”

This is better than any other bed.

This is also comfortable!

We definitely don’t need a DNA test to tell us these cats are related.

It seems like they’ve found the perfect spot.

Do you have any pictures of your pets showing how animals can occupy any space?

Preview photo credit 111ruberducky / Reddit


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When I was a kid I used to have a dog just like the one that sits like a human being. So cute


I think I will never stop getting amazed by cats! What a wonderful creatures!


haha such a tiny bird and you already can't take a sit because of it ???


When puppies sleep on their owners' laps, it just melts my heart ?


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