20 Animals Who Know How to Strike a Pose

3 years ago

Some people try to avoid having their picture taken, while others love being in front of the camera. And we have proof that this is exactly the same for animals: dogs, cats, and even tapirs have been caught in the act in some sweet or hilarious portraits. Some of them clearly know how to work the camera and are for sure not afraid to share their funniest or cutest looks with us.

The Bright Side team has found 20 animals that were clearly made for a life in the spotlight.

1. When you know what posing is all about.

2. This is how you should take photos at places of interest.

3. “Boyfriend is looking after my cat. He put the TV on and turned around to find this...”

4. The connection was successful.

5. “We too have a cat that that strikes a pose while she waits for us.”

6. It seems that everything is growing well in the garden.

7. Look at the one who controls the socks in this house!

8. A sweet baby with his favorite toy

9. The toughest security ever.

10. “My mom brought a dress out that I used to wear at 6-months-old.”

11. There are no better pillows than a mother’s paws.

12. We all have our own personal understanding of comfort.

13. “Am I not better than your games?”

14. It seems that both of them are OK with it.

15. “Mom took me to her friends’ house and I was searching for a place to hide from humans. I went in the bathroom and figured out that I am gonna stay here.”

16. “Kitten fell asleep on my husband for the 100th time.”

17. “Why would we need a bed when we have each other?”

18. “This happens every time I open puzzles.”

19. “Go and sleep in that cat house yourself.”

20. The face of a tapir that really wants that egg muffin.

What is the best pose you have ever seen an animal perform in front of the camera? Do you have the shot to share with us?

Preview photo credit cpatrick1983 / reddit


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