16 Awkward Cats Who Fall Asleep in Crazy Ways

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Cats have mastered the art of sleeping, which is not surprising since they spend most of their day asleep. The thing that surprises us is the law of physics-defying positions they fall asleep in. They often leave us amazed or even a little freaked out, but they’re comfortable so we shouldn’t complain. They make for some of the funniest pictures after all!

Bright Side wants to show you 16 pictures of some furry knots that truly amazed us. Also, we have a little puzzle for you in the last picture!

16. When you don’t have a blanket, so you need to cover yourself with your own legs

15. In the newest cat bed, you can roll around while sleeping.

14. Pocket kitten taking a little nap

13. Who needs cat beds anyway?

12. When you’re so tired that you can’t even make it to bed:

11. As if we needed more proof that cats defy the laws of physics...

10. Not sure if the cat is dreaming of sunbathing or flying.

9. Someone had an exhausting day at work.

8. A cat’s mission is to find every spot suitable for sleeping.

7. We can tell that this cat is very comfortable.

6. Another cat that doesn’t need a blanket to cover itself!

5. Enjoying the sunshine

4. When your nap is so good, you start melting:

3. Always be camouflaged, even when you’re sleeping.

2. We think this cat is dreaming of flying like Superman.

1. Here’s your puzzle! How long did it take you to find its head?

Cats are adorable when they sleep and they never fail to amaze us with their quirkiness! Have your cats fallen asleep in strange positions? We need to see them! So please, make our day and everyone else’s by showing us!

Preview photo credit sinbei / reddit, LurkHearIzMi


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