20 Babies Who Probably Look Older Than You

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5 years ago

If you’ve ever wondered why there are many babies that look like they’ve already entered their senior years, Garrett R. Griffin can offer a very logical answer. He says that babies, as well as seniors, have too much skin for the bone structure underneath. This means that all that excess skin lies with no bone to attach to and that’s how wrinkles appear. Fortunately, these wrinkles are temporary and we feel absolutely no shame in having a good laugh with these babies who look like our grouchy uncle who always complains about how things were different back in his time.

Bright Side gathered 20 hilarious images of babies who look unexpectedly old.

1. When you see Mom and Dad sharing a kiss on the mouth:

2. Like your grouchy next door neighbor...

3. The old man who always complains about the price of coffee nowadays

4. A Norwegian baby seeing the world for the first time

5. “Why do we need all these, Mom?”

6. The happiness of each grandpa when the grandkids visit

7. Deep into the selfie game

8. Too young to be balding.

9. “Nobody’s laughing at the jokes you make, Grandma.”

10. When your kid is the spitting image of Danny DeVito:

11. Last night was a crazy night.

12. What do you mean Mama’s milk is gone?

13. “Please take me inside where it’s warm.”

14. “Has anyone seen my teeth?”

15. The forehead of a 50-year-old man

16. The uncle who cracks jokes and laughs by himself

17. The look you give your mother when she says she’ll cook broccoli and radishes for dinner

18. Nobody looks pretty when they wake up.

19. “Get off my property, you youngsters.”

20. The womb was a much happier place...

Have you ever seen any babies who looked like your middle-aged uncle? Please tell us more down in the comments section.


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