20+ Bold Men Who Look Irresistible With Long Hair

4 years ago

Long hair doesn’t suit all men and not all women like long-haired men. But the people in our compilation chose the right way when they decided to get the hairdo they have now. Just look at how charming these handsome guys with gorgeous hair look. And what’s most interesting is that they look extremely masculine despite all the stereotypes about having long, flowing locks.

We at Bright Side have been admiring these attractive long-haired men practically all day and would like to share their photos with anyone who appreciates aesthetics and beauty.

Gwilym C Pugh

Jeffrey S Kendall

Lasse Matberg

Cristiano Ronaldo

Marcu Daniel



Mario Schönmann

Alan Banas

Benny M

Niels Horvath

Juu Manzone

Robert Roethemeyer

William Tyler

Pedro Giannini

Michael Schumy

Matheus Braga

Pedro De Gennaro


Philip Bottenberg


Kevin Creekman

Leandro Dottavio

Rurik Gislason

Which man’s hairdo did you find most attractive? Please tell us about it in the comments!


Men with long hair and women with short hair ?

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