20 Cats That Don’t Bother to Ask for Permission

4 years ago

The phrase, “Stop doing that!” is probably said so many times by cat owners. These pets don’t need permission to break a glass while you’re sleeping, destroy your puzzle, or tear your toilet paper to shreds. Independence is their credo. And you’d better not punish them, because revenge will come quick and when you least expect it.

We at Bright Side adore these little criminals and never get bored watching cats get into mischief.

1. “So this is why I was getting sleep paralysis every night...”

2. “It was a massacre! The suspect is pictured below.”

3. “She’s beauty and she’s grace, another set of blinds to replace.”

4. “Thanks Nori, for the cat hair all over my clothes.”

5. “We thought having a cone collar fitted at the vet was bad enough, but then the dog had to come home to the cat.”

6. There is only one boss in the house.

7. “Locked my cat in the bathroom while I made a meal because he was being annoying. Revenge was had.”

8. “I didn’t want to finish it anyway.”

9. Pet me! Pet me right now!

10. Remember, I’m your first priority.

11. “Every morning when I brush my teeth.”

12. If I fits, I sits.

13. “Thank you, Joe. This is what my day was missing.”

14. I don’t need anyone’s permission.

15. Well, I guess my homework is done.

16. “His favorite place to nap is in the doorway of the bathroom... We’ve all just accepted it and now use the toilet with the door open.”

17. So rude.

18. Interesting, I wonder who could’ve done this...

19. No laws of physics can stop me!

20. “I just wanted a selfie with my cat.”

Does your cat also never ask for permission? Who is the boss in the house? Please share the stories and photos of your pet with us!

Preview photo credit vo_xv / reddit


It's hard to find animal that is as nasty and as cute as a cat :D
Those are just cats in a nutshell - they think they are the kings of this world :D
Well at least y’all’s cats don’t have a Bates hotel for birdies?? Mr. Fluffy awaits for his first victim I mean customer ‼️??
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