20+ Cats Who Always Occupy the Best Hang Out Spot in the House

4 years ago

It’s not for nothing why cats love to get into boxes, baskets, and bags: they instinctively search for small spaces that give them the feeling of security. In these “shelters” they feel that no one will sneak up on them. Moreover, they can watch everyone around and remain unnoticed. But if you own a cat, you know that boxes are never enough for them.

Bright Side learned where these mushy lazybones like to spend their time. Spoiler: in every corner that seems reliable, warm, and comfortable for them. There is a little bonus waiting for you at the end of the article.

“Watching a friend’s cat. There’s a thunderstorm outside. I’ve been like this for an hour.”

“The unwritten rule is that you don’t move when your pet is on you.”

“This is Ann. Ann likes to wait and watch the bubbles in the humidifier.”

Why not?

“Ellie is using my foot as a hammock.”

“Every time we order pizza...”

It seems he has found a new bed for himself.

A little privacy please...

“He wouldn’t stop meowing until I let him climb up my body to be my scarf.”

“Took my cat to the vet.”

Hooman, get out of my fort!

“My wife visited a stable. She said that all the stable cats were hanging out on some of the heat sources like radiators, but this cat took it one step further it seems.”

“There’s a loaf in my fridge! He climbs in every time I start to cook, and I let him hang out there because it’s hot and he’s always wearing that thick furry coat.”

My cat sits here every day waiting to be pet by the people taking the bus. They call him the “bus stop cat.”

Charlie has his own personal designated chair that no one is allowed to sit on.

“My cat managed to climb through the skylight and just proceeds to sit there, 70 feet above the ground.”

“I pulled my stove away from the wall to fix the outlet behind it. I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to find this.”

“She likes to sit on my laptop power brick.”

“My significant other laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later...”

" During yoga, I look up and see this! My cat watching me..."

“I just threw my belt on the floor.”

“Kieran sitting right above our heating unit, blocking the warm air... Don’t worry, I made sure it wouldn’t burn his little toe beans!”

“I was planning on shooting some product images... my cat had other ideas.”

“My cat’s favorite place to sleep is now the shower, right after we use it. But I have to put a towel down first so she doesn’t get her polydactyls wet!”

“I don’t know why, but he loves to lie here.”

“My cat on our new glass coffee table”

Bonus: It’s not just cats that like to hang out in the sun rays.

Please share the photos of your pets and tell us about them. Where do they like to spend most of their time?

Preview photo credit cmronhrrington / Reddit


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Why cats have to be so cute? I can't with the one that's on the horse. Adorables!!!


this is the sweetest compilation! I don't even know which photo makes me smile more ?


My cat can be just the same - taking ALL the space available


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