20 Cats Whose Lives Are More Exciting Than a Reality Show

3 years ago

Cats are majestic animals and often unpredictable characters. They have a reputation to uphold and they may not always want to have your attention. You never know what scene of the show you will catch — it could even be a stunt performer cat who’s just starting to learn how to walk upside down. After all, they are graceful, prudent, and unforeseeable creatures.

Bright Side has a hilarious collection of cat images for you. These 4-legged buddies will show how spunky and thrilling their lives can be.

1. The cake isn’t safe anywhere!

Cake!!! Up here so Allie does not sit on.

2. These guys love to watch their owner take a shower.

3. “My cat really likes standing on 2 legs.”

4. “Toilet paper! Well, time to relax.”

5. Whack-a-cat

6. “Cat to the rescue!”

7. It’s not easy to find a comfortable place when you’re bored.

8. They made a smiley face :)

9. It looks like he’s pretending to be a painting.

10. They almost made a heart!

11. They find comfort in the most inconvenient places.

12. The first steps of a new stunt performer

13. They have their own apartments.

14. What a weird way to relax...

15. “Checking herself out”

16. Ready for story time!

17. Providing physical support...

18. “I take my cat on adventures, but he just sleeps right through them.”

19. Relaxing on their bunk beds

20. “He liked the comfort of the warm dishes.”

Do you have your own special cat moment? Which one did you like the most from this list? Has your cat ever done something similar?

Preview photo credit fecitt / reddit


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Well, Allie sat on it (pic no. 1)! Cats, mysterious determined wonderful creatures!!


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