20+ Charming Pooches That Came to This World to Make You Smile

3 years ago

There are about 450 dog breeds in the world. Some of them, such as German Shepherds, are numerous and can be found all over the world, while others, such as the Slovak Chuvach, are found only within one region or country. However, all dogs have one thing in common — they know exactly what true friendship is. And they also know how to smile, just like we do.

At Bright Side, we couldn’t help but smile when looking at these photos of our furry friends. We hope that you have just as hard of a time resisting their charm and sincerity as we did.

“I came downstairs to my 80-pound German Shepherd watching Bob’s Burgers. I’ve never been prouder.”

“My pup that can’t move got her wheelchair today. Check out that smile!”

“Hmm...am I a boxer now?”

The “OMG, you’re home from college!” smile

A 2-month-old Aussie on his way home for the first time

Before and after she was called beautiful

“Pretzel found 2 tennis balls under the couch. He seems pretty proud of himself.”

“I found this good little boy abandoned in a ditch near my farm. We needed a guard dog and he’s happy to have his own dog house and to be fed.”

We call him Gaston and he’s learning commands quickly.

“My dog (left) loves to spend time at the doggy daycare.”

“The most beautiful boy in the world!”

“My girlfriend kissed him on the head.”

“Mr. Tank is so proud of his haircut and tie!”

“Her first smile when she got home after beating cancer”

“When will you give me that wonderful apple slice?”

“Puedo was so happy that everybody was home and that the weather was so nice.”

“First smile after their adoption”

“My friend is fighting a serious illness and has been stuck in the hospital. This is his Dogtor, Loki.”

“He gets his bedtime treat at 9:30 p.m. It’s now 9:35 p.m. and he’s worried that I’ve forgotten.”

“He smiles all the time.”

“Our dog met her sister and I can’t tell which is which.”

“My dog smiles in her sleep.”

A good boy and his sheep

This is happiness.

“His smile literally melts me.”

“We had some professional shots taken of our dog.”

“My dog likes to sit with his arms folded like a cat.”

“We let our puppy sleep on our bed for the first time. I’ve never seen him smile like this.”

“Press to activate the smile.”

“Why do some dogs look so good in photos? It’s impossible to make my dog pose.”

Does your pet like to smile? Maybe you have photos of their smiles! Share them in the comments below.

Preview photo credit brutazuda / pikabu


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