20 Cool Things That Tried to Pretend to Be Something Different at First

3 years ago

Believe it or not, our everyday lives are full of puzzling things. If we pay more attention and use our imagination, we might see things that look like other objects, whether it’s accidentally or on purpose. For example, a tomato from your garden can look like a duck or you can see a fire hydrant painted to look like Princess Leia on your street.

We at Bright Side found 20 people who noticed the extraordinary things around them.

1. This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store

2. Crane that looks like Freddie Mercury

3. This tomato looks like a duck.

4. Found an ice dragon in Antarctica.

5. This building in NYC looks like a massive Jenga game.

6. This Princess Leia fire hydrant I saw today

7. My neighbor did some yard work this weekend.

8. Moai with a pacifier?

9. This purple carrot looks like a bartender ready to listen to your troubles.

10. This building looks like it just woke up.

11. Bunnies!

12. A street lamp that was designed to look like a paintbrush

13. The guy living in street lamp 5 sees sunlight for the first time.

14. The tomato of confusion has arrived.

15. Panda camera

16. This egg looks like the US.

17. My pressure washer’s name is Mike Wazowski.

18. My friend’s potted plant looks like Groot!

19. Almost like you could slip right into another world.

20. The view from the window of this house I rented looks like a painting.

Do you have any photos of things that pretended to be something else at first? We are excited to see them!

Preview photo credit RISERart/ etsy.com, droo46/ Reddit


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Was this crane made with the intention to look like him? If so, well done!


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