20 Creative People Who Seem to Have a Solution for Any Problem

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By using our imagination and thinking outside the box, we are able to invent things with the materials we have on hand that can make our lives easier. You don’t have to get upset if you break something when you can just add a bit of creativity. There is always a way you can solve or repair anything, even if it is a car door or a mirror. Get inspired by the other creative people you will find in our article.

1. “Freehand tattoo cover-up

2. “My 1st grader lost a tooth during class and the school sent it home in this tiny, tooth-shaped container.”

3. “One of my chair’s wheels fell off and couldn’t be reattached, so I had to improvise with a Pringles can, bow cutters, and scotch tape.”

4. “I made a working cinderblock speaker.”

5. “Converting a tube TV into a console set — it is catalog perfect.”

6. “Max cooling”

7. “Creative plumbing solutions, by my spouse.”

8. “Who’s gonna know?”

9. “I couldn’t afford a Bluetooth Speaker, so I built one myself and it’s worth it.”

10. “Entry-level engineering.”

11. “Scissors broke and needed an extension.”

12. “Friend’s car mirror got hit by a falling tree branch.”

13. “My 13-year-old will do literally anything to avoid washing dishes.”

14. “A cat tower made from a barstool and 2 boxes”

15. “My homemade tattoo machine”

16. “I used colored hot glue to seal the cracks in a damaged taillight.”

17. “It might not be much, but I promise this made my daughter’s afternoon.”

18. “Remote to headphones for silent TV watching.”

19. “I work IT for an MSP, one of the other techs sent me this. Kinda jealous I never thought of it.”

20. “I wanted to watch YouTube at the gym.”

Preview photo credit cookletube / Reddit


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