20 Creatures That Would Totally Win the “Hide and Seek” Trophy

3 years ago

Engaging in games with our pets is always a pleasure. But there are times when things can go sideways, especially when they’re hiding. We either get worried when we start searching for them or are startled after finding them in the most inconvenient places.

Bright Side found images that show how creative animals can become when they want to hide, getting our full, undivided attention.

1. “The reason the water wasn’t coming out”

2. Where’s the cat?

3. Hiding in plain sight...

4. “I started to panic because I couldn’t find my puppy.”

5. Playing hide and seek

6. “I spent the last 15 minutes looking for my kitten...”

7. “A possum’s sneaky hiding spot in the workshop”

8. “I found Phoenix. He’s surprisingly good at playing hide and seek.”

9.“I was looking for my cat for an hour.”

10. This is how cats and dogs play.

11. This dog rocks at finding great hiding spots.

12. Hiding from the vet

13. A cat’s logic — another way to hide from the vet

14. Hiding from the dog in plain sight

15. “Hiding in the broom handle like a champ!”

16. This cat is trying its best to hide.

17. Just where did the cat go?

18. “This way, he probably won’t miss any important conversations.”

19. “Watch out...she’s ready for an ambush.”

20. “Now the baby lizard blends in with my plant pot.”

Were you ever surprised by an animal’s hiding spot? Do you have a pet that enjoys hiding?


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