20 Designers Who Thought About Women’s Comfort and Won a Million Thanks

4 years ago

Artificial intelligence, home robots, and smartphones were designed to make our lives easier. However, there are things of a smaller scale, but no less demanded and necessary in female everyday life. So when designers solve a definite girl beauty or comfort problem, women are ready to thank that inventor forever.

So here at Bright Side we stumbled upon several terrific inventions, that took female specificities into account, that thousands of women today are thankful for.

1. A facial shield that allows recent facial surgery or makeup to be fully protected from water or soap

2. A pillow, that prevents facial wrinkles

3. Instead of pushing the swing for their child, this one lets parents swing with them.

4. Solid spots on sidewalk grates for ladies in heels

5. A portable humidifier, that you can attach to a water bottle

6. Japanese toilet baby holder

7. Display showing real-time toilet occupancy

8. A toothpaste that describes each of its ingredients and its purpose

9. This razor extension handle assists a person shaving their legs when they have a hard time reaching down.

10. Curly hangers to prevent certain clothes from slipping off

11. Brow stamps that will help you get perfect eyebrows, in a short amount of time

12. Extra comfortable Ta Ta Towel absorbs under-boob sweat, breast milk leaks, and holds the breasts up while keeping them dry.

13. This inclined nail polish bottle stand keeps the bottle steady, preventing spills and helping you reach every last drop.

14. A hair tie bracelet, designed to eliminate pressure from the elastic on your wrist, turns it into an elegant piece of jewelry.

15. Glue-free magnetic lashes prevent any damage to your natural eyelashes and can be used again and again.

16. A hair brush with a secret compartment to hide your valuables!

17. A pillow for sleeping comfortably during pregnancy

18. A compact brush color removal sponge

19. Shopping cart with a calculator

20. An infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket

Have you ever come across designs like these? Which ones do you find the most useful? We`ll be happy to hear from you in the comments below!

Preview photo credit showrshield.com


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My gf always wears hairbands on her arm. I probably should gift her this bracelet


I saw many mini humidifiers, but this one seems to be the most portable an. I want to get it


I'll take my normal pillow. This one looks uncomfortable. Also brow stamps? They look nasty. I hate that big, blocky, unnatural eyebrow trend. Not cute.


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