20+ Discoveries at Thrift Stores That Will Make Us Think We’re Stepping Into Retail Wonderland

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Some people have never ventured into a thrift shop, thinking they won’t find anything of quality. But we are fully aware that the trash of some is the treasure of others. That’s why some lucky ones have found in the depths of these stores authentic relics, knowing that, although their label shows a low price, they are worth much more than that.

1. “$920 Gucci Jordaan loafers for $10”

2. “Found a uranium glass walking cane at the flea market this afternoon. Can’t get a good picture of the glow right now.”

3. “Found this insane hoodie at the goodwill bins, too good to pass up.”

4. “Macrame room divider found in the wild!”

5. “Thrifted everything but the dog bed and plant — even the pup is a rescue (and the best haul)”

6. “Custom Jurassic Park heels. Anyone?”

7. “This vintage Gucci bag ($1585) I found at the thrift for $80. Cleaned it up, and I’m going to gift it to my mom this Christmas”

8. “80s prom dress for $10 at the thrift store”

9. “Green velvet futon of my DREAMS for free.”

“If it were in ’perfect’ condition, I would definitely be much more suspicious of hidden pests. But it was free because the right cushion has the support inside busted. Easy fix for me, but not for the lady I took it from.”

10. “My wife hates it. $1.99 from Goodwill”

11. “My mom thrifted my Christmas gifts and did an AMAZING job.”

12. “A Christmas miracle! Brand new Air Force 1 sneakers for $8 at an antique store!”

13. “1950s or 60s Rival Ice-O-Matic ice crusher!”

“I was eying it, and someone got it before I could. It was my girlfriend’s mom getting it for me for Christmas!”

14. “Finished up Christmas shopping with this score! Brand new Peak Design backpack at Goodwill for $20. It retails for $280.”

15. “The best thrift store find ever, for $25!”

16. “Fairy glass for $5!”

17. “Handmade charm necklace out of vintage charms. Lucy Isaacs Jewelry, for $4”

18. “This vase comes with its drama, straight from 1957 via Goodwill.”

19. “Went thrifting for a frame. Found a surprise behind the picture. Money from 1904...”

20. “Found the most ridiculous vintage sequin top ever at the thrift tonight. I’m in love!”

21. “$500 L.L.Bean king-size comforter for $8.99”

What was the bargain you bought that you are most proud of? What tricks do you use to save money when shopping?

Preview photo credit 6enny6oyyy / Reddit, tenloe / Reddit


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Wish are charity shops were more like the American thrift shops. They always seem amazing.


Thrift stores for the most part are fantastic treasure troves you never know what you're going to find.

Goodwill for the most part can be up and down one minute you can find a bargain and next minute you find something that's chipped or cracked or way way overpriced


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