20 Embroidery Wonders Shared Their Masterpieces With the World, and They’re Truly Bedazzling

3 years ago

Embroidery, like other creative activities, is considered to be an activity that can help you relax and let go of some of the excess stress we all suffer from. Not only that, but it can also help us get our most creative side out. With nothing more than some colorful thread, a needle, some patience, and a lot of imagination, we can bring about a piece of art. And this is why some people are proud to share the results of their efforts.

Bright Side put together a compilation of some of the best works of embroidery that we’ve found out there. Spoiler alert: they’re all amazing.

1. “Bought some cheap kicks and tried my hand at decorating them — kinda totally in love with how they came out!”

2. “Jungle, my embroidery, 2020”

3. “A little fox taking a nap amongst the flowers”

4. “Embroidered the view from where we live on a tie as a gift for my father’s sixtieth. First time working with satin — it was not easy.”

5. “First embroidery piece of the season complete!”

6. “A freehand interpretation of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses in a 7” hoop!"

7. “My first pet portrait! It was both extremely difficult and time-consuming, but so glad I was able to complete it. I learned a lot along the way.”

8. “My little man is done! I’m so proud of myself for completing this, and I can’t wait to find a good way to display it.”

9. “Lavender landscape, 3D embroidery art... Hello everyone! I’d like to share my new embroidery with you. If you like summer, flowers, and lavender, then this picture’s for you!”

10. “Made a piece based on my wedding bouquet! Took 40+ hours but I’m really happy with how it turned out!”

11. “This is summer at Kinkaku-ji, Kyoto, Japan.”

12. “A gift for one of my friends! I embroidered a photo from when she came to visit me while I was abroad.”

13. “I just finished stitching this piece for my dad’s birthday. It’s from a moment when he was explaining some things about life to me.”

14. “My Stranger Things embroidery”

15. “Embroidery of a whale with watercolor”

16. “White-tailed bumblebee, hand embroidery, me, 2019”

17. “Dali Llama, me, embroidery, 2020”

18. “Girl with a Pearl Earring, my interpretation, embroidery, 2019”

19. “My endlessly-talented girlfriend made this freehand embroidery of Hogwarts.”

20. “This is my second piece of embroidery, a scene from Howl’s Moving Castle.”

What kind of artistic activities do you like to practice to kill some time? Do you have any work that you’d like to share with all of our community?

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I would love to have such cool shoes but knowing me I would just ruin the shoes :D


That's why you try it out on some cheap shoes, if it fails.. who cares they are just cheap shoes.. but if you succeed and make some really nice shoes then you win big time!


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