20 Emotional Animals Who Deserve an Oscar

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Animals can tell us a lot with the help of their emotions — probably even more than if they could speak. One glance at your pet can be enough to know whether they’re shocked by your behavior or if you should be expecting revenge after giving them a bath. Check out our compilation and try to understand the thoughts that these animals are trying to convey to their owners.

Bright Side hopes that these emotional animals will better your mood and make your day brighter.

20. “I’m gonna eat all your shoes.”

19. “My cat went missing this morning. I found him under a crate and when I picked him up, he was in a panic and climbed all over me.”

18. Proud alumnus

17. We wonder what this cat just witnessed.

16. “I was assured this dog liked being picked up, but I’m still not quite convinced.”

15. A closed box is a challenge for any cat.

14. Optimist and pessimist

13. “Gus loves road trips. He seems to be enjoying our 15-hour drive!”

12. When you’re waiting to be left alone to enjoy yourself:

11. Soap bubbles that smelled like peanut butter turned out to be a source of joy for this dog.

10. It seems this toy doesn’t have any chance of staying unbroken.

9. This is what bliss looks like.

8. When they asked you to smile and you’re trying your best to look friendly:

7. Winning a game is a precious moment.

6. The smile of a winner

5. His name is Homer and he’s trying to catch a fly in mid-air!

4. When you’re trying to hold back the laughter:

3. It seems this cat saw something it shouldn’t have.

2. Who said only mammals could express emotion?

1. He is sad because he isn’t allowed to play with the kids outside.

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