20 Fierce Animals Who Strike a Pose Better Than Any Supermodel

3 years ago

Being a model is one of those professions that people say “a million girls would kill to do”, and if you want to become one, you definitely have to learn some posing techniques. Well, these guys and girls are definitely qualified by default to be supermodels of the animal world and don’t need to go to any special courses. They’re natural and simply perfect!

Here at Bright Side, we love animals — especially ones who look naturally beautiful and cool at the same time! We’ve collected a list of animals you’ll definitely want to see!

1. When you are born to be a model:

2. The look says it all.

3. This cat walks on the catwalk.

4. Cat kisses — aren’t they lovely?

5. You can also be a role model for other animals.

6. The moment when you feel it’s appropriate to say, “Your Majesty”

7. As a model, you have to learn how to look natural.

8. These guys certainly have excellent social skills!

9. Posing skills, expert level

10. As a model, you have to look cool even when resting.

11. Finding a talented stylist is a big part of success.

12. A good photographer is even more crucial.

13. “Be natural”, they said.

14. Sky’s the limit!

15. Some things you can’t learn or buy — you have to be born with it!

16. When you know you’re simply awesome:

17. Birds can also be perfect at modeling.

18. “One day I will be King!”

19. Being the Lion King has its advantages.

20. Sometimes you look great, but the photographer just gets you at the wrong time.

Which photo did you like the most? Tell us in the comments, and also add some pictures of your pets or animals you’ve seen. We are sure that all species of the animal kingdom are perfect models with natural beauty.


I'm in love with each and every one of them! Don't you?

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