20 Hairstyles Our Folks Thought Were Edgy and Cool

4 years ago

Looking at a decades-old photo album is our ticket to the past. And there is at least one detail that can instantly grab our attention there — it’s the hairstyles of our folks. Huge and puffed-up hairdos, elegant curls, and crazy spikes make us feel the spirit of that time, and we want to dive into their youth.

Bright Side managed to find hairstyles that our parents and grandparents proudly had, and now we are sharing them with all of you.

1. “A can of hairspray every 3 weeks and a memorable time. 1988 high school picture.”

2. “My dad in the 80s.”

3. “Picture of my grandma and my mom in the 1970s”

4. “My aunt and grandmother in 1990. The hair is epic.”

5. “My parents when they were 16 and 17 (1987)”

6. “My grampa, who celebrated his 90th birthday today — circa the 1950s”

7. “My great-grandmother in Cuba in the 1930s”

8. “My mother at her senior prom in the 80s”

9. “Mema and all her hair in the 1960s”

10. “My mother in the 1980s”

11. “This is me in an ’80s rock band photoshoot.”

12. “My father in the 1970s”

13. “My mother in 1946”

14. “My grandma Wendy at age 12 or 13, taken around 1967. I just can’t get over the hair.”

15. “My dad’s senior picture from the ’70s.”

16. “My great-great-great-grandfather who was born in 1834”

17. “Mom’s hair in 1980s”

18. “My mom was way cooler in the 1980s than I’ll ever be.”

19. “My mom’s senior year 1969. That hair!”

20. “My great-grandma Maxine in the 1940s”

Do you have a favorite hairstyle from the past? Or maybe you have a photo of your parents and grandparent’s chic hairdos?

Preview photo credit unknown / imgur, allthatur / reddit


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