20 Inventions That Are So Weird, We Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

4 years ago

Imagine how boring our life would be if people were not creative or curious. We would not be able to impress others with inventions or discover something weird or surprising in the world around us. We would never be able to tell you about poo buses or show you a tissue that can make you sick. Fortunately, creative people have invented these and many other things you can read about below!

Bright Side is ready to blow your mind with ideas that will leave you amazed (or puzzled).

1. The scarf that ruins paparazzi photos.

2. A tissue that will make you sick because it carries an infected human sneeze.

3. These adhesive soles will let you go barefoot anywhere.

4. This powder turns dirty and dangerous water, into water people can drink.

5. This store sells books that cannot be judged by their covers.

6. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has a graveyard where discontinued flavors are “buried.”

7. The flavor guide on this package is so useful.

8. Here’s a perfect way to open doors in public places.

9. This phone attachment will help you take the ideal selfie with you dog.

10. You can buy a hands-free Oreo dispenser for 5 euro!

11. How do you know when to stop?

12. You can clean the floor under the couch with this remote controlled mop.

13. Here’s a screen that can make the roads safer.

14. You can grow a plant out of this pencil.

15. Here is a “poo bus” that’s powered by human and household waste.

16. Oh good, the taste of cats and Mark Zuckerberg.

17. This cap will remind you when the pill bottle was last opened.

18. This movie theater has screens in the bathrooms so you don’t miss anything.

19. You can only read this book if it’s on fire.

20. These are T-shirts that boost your motivation.

Have you ever found anything that blew your mind like this? We can’t stop imagining what it is. Share your discoveries with us and our readers!

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#17 is a cool thing. I often happens that I forget when I opened the pack of milk, or yogurt. It would help me so much


Don't know why would someone would but these dangerous tissues though..
But if #4 is actually a thing, then why don't we export it to the countries where they don't have clean water?


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