20 Lazy Animal Photos That Can Help You Relax This Weekend

4 years ago

Animals are very similar to us in many ways. And just like us, they need a break from the daily struggles of life, or from eating too much. Whatever the reason is, animals can be lazy too and that’s what we want to show you today!

Bright Side wants to make you not feel guilty for having a careless weekend, by showing you that you’re not the only one who likes to relax. Enjoy this collection of 20 animals that will surely make you smile!

20. Bunny is having a break from all that hippity-hopping.

19. A handful of laziness

18. Hamster wheel and chill

17. The car can’t move until he wakes up.

16. Humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy bubble baths.

15. When you’re so relaxed that you start melting:

14. How we all sleep on a Sunday

13. When you’re too sleepy to lay down or stand up...

12. Look at this face of pure joy. We are definitely jealous.

11. When you’re trying to chill, but someone wants you to do things.

10. Tiny animals really love napping in people’s hands.

9. Who said skunks can’t be lovable?

8. Baby gorilla’s trying to get a tan.

7. When it’s the weekend and you have nothing to do:

6. You ever doze off while sitting?

5. “Hey Jimmy, why is your neck so long?”

4. When you don’t have a pillow, improvise.

3. You can see the joy on his face. That’s all of us on the weekend.

2. Play hard, nap harder.

1. “It’s okay, I guess I can climb back up another time.”

Have you caught any of your pets or animals slacking? Please share them with us and everyone else, so we can appreciate our furry and not-so-furry friends together! We promise we won’t judge them for taking a break!

Preview photo credit rightn0w_ / reddit


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