20+ Mesmerizing Glow-Ups That Are More Pleasing Than Popping Bubble Wrap

3 years ago

Growing up is hard as you try to figure out your own style while your body is still developing. However, some people barely change over the years while others have a tremendous glow up, going from “ugly ducklings” to beautiful, fabulous, unrecognizable swans. And some of Reddit’s late-bloomers are sharing their before/after pics and we’re more than stunned.

If you get inspired by surprising transformations just like us here at Bright Side, you’ll definitely enjoy this compilation.

1. “I always felt geeky in high school. Now I’m in my thirties and I’m the most confident I’ve ever been in my life.”

2. “Age 12 to 27 — lost a chin but gained a smile!”

3. " From age 11 to age 20 — feels like a Benjamin Button transformation."

4. A slight change, to say the least.

5. Weight loss and a new haircut can do magic!

6. 17 to 21 — it looks like a Kingsman transformation.

7. “My one regret is losing the hat.”

8. “Age 12 to 26 — I still feel a lot like the kid on the left.”

9. You never know if your classmate will turn into James Bond in his twenties...

10. “Age 17 to 24 — I was bullied a lot growing up.”

11. “I don’t even look like the same person anymore — from age 17 to 22.”

12. “Age 12 to 24 — even some relatives don’t recognize me now.”

13. “The past 9 years have been kind to me, age 15 to 24.”

14. “A fairy-tale-like transformation, age 13 to 34”

15. “From age 19 to 21 — how just 2 years can make such a difference!”

16. Age 16 to 20 — a kind reminder that teenage years pass

17. A 10-year difference

18. “Grew into the chin, the ears, and pretty much the whole face (age 12 to 22).”

19. “Age 14 to 23 has been an awkward decade for me.”

20. “From an 11-year-old kiddo with short hair to a beautiful 23-year-old woman”

21. “Lost 188 lb (85 kg) in 25 months and got that gorgeous jawline!”

22. Age 13 to 25, from a boy to a gentleman

23. “I’m thankful braces exist (age 12 to 20).”

24. “Fourth grade vs 22 years old — the photographer back then made me push my glasses up as I wore them on the tip of my nose.”

25. “Age 16 to 19 — I started shaving and ditched the neckbeard.”

26. “A 4-year difference — I used to dislike how I looked, but bit by bit, I started to treat myself a little nicer.”

Do you have your own transformation collage? We’d be happy to see it in the comment section below!


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omg every single one of these people are GORGEOUS. Like, really attractive. Its amazing how a few years & some self confidence can change you


I love seeing people looking fabulous but your younger selves are sweet too ......


This is so amazing! loved how each one decided to take control of their life!


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