20+ Mesmerizing Tattoos We Could Look at Forever

5 years ago

A picture is worth a thousand words, says the Chinese proverb, and so are some tattoos. Body art has gone from being taboo to being an art form and, just like Van Gogh, the most talented tattoo artists create pieces that can make even the most conservative person say, ’Wow!"

Bright Side has put together a compilation of tattoos so fascinating, that by the end of the article you’ll have too many options to choose from to get one for yourself.

1. I can almost feel the wind...

2. A rosefinch and a fairy pitta, yes those are the names.

3. This one looks like a real painting, frame and all.

4. It’s the perfect choice for a confident woman.

5. To honor your inner princess

6. For the wild and beautiful

7. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

8. A watercolor painting on your skin

9. Beauty is in the details.

10. You’ll have many people asking you what this piece of art means.

11. This one is perfect for those who treasure their heritage.

12. Pass me that handkerchief.

13. The Princess Diaries’ mom tattoo

14. What flowers can do...

15. What about a tiny decorative piece for your finger?

16. This proves that many tattoo artists study art before they go into tattooing.

17. He doesn’t need it to be nighttime to see the stars.

18. Share this with someone named Lavender, they need to see this.

19. Here’s a cool place to do it: On the calf

20. How about some Maori art...

21. Take your best buddy wherever you go.

22. Here’s a good way to remember you’re a forest princess.

23. This one should be a postcard.

24. Totally worth the pain!

25. A perfect example of a large but still chic tattoo

26. Wanderlust to the core

27. A view from above

28. Only an artist could’ve made a portrait like this.

29. We sense Picasso’s influence, how about you?

Which of these tattoos would you like to see on your own skin? Tell us in the comments below!


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25 looks like it's drawn with watercolors...
Am I the only one who sees a very loooooooong face on tattoo number 4? :D

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