20 Mysterious Pics That Aren’t Photoshopped

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It’s not always as simple as many people think to get a good perspective in a photo. To make something look closer or bigger than it is, you need a lot of skill and to be in the right place. Sometimes it can take a long time and a lot of photos to get where you want to go. Other times, you can get there by accident.

1. ’’A furniture delivery truck parked behind me on my lunch break.’’

2. ’’I think I assembled my cat incorrectly.’’

3. ’’Umbrella head, watcher of the pool’’

4. ’’Lips at the back of the head’’

5. ’’The way this stick is positioned makes it look like the elephant stabbed them.’’

6. ’’This does not look real...’’

7. ’’That’s a cool haircut.’’

8. ’’This floating trash can near my house’’

9. ’’Big cat or tiny kitchen?’’

10. ’’Not so accidental, I guess.’’

11. ’’She has unusually skinny legs.’’

12. ’’This dog vibin’ in the sun’’

13. ’’ The birthday balloon cow has Italy on it.’’

14. ’’Clearly the floor is made from thousands of melted ice cream bars.’’

15. ’’This dresser that’s almost invisible’’

16. ’’The pattern on my daughter’s hand-me-down onesie perfectly matches the sheets in her crib.’’

17. ’’My nails match my tumbler perfectly.’’

18. ’’My smoothie this morning matched my sweater perfectly.’’

19. ’’My dad met his female doppelgänger.’’

20. ’’I have weirdly double-jointed fingers — a ’hitchhiker’s’ ring finger, and can bend the joints separately.’’

Which of the pictures above did you find the most surprising? Do you ever take pictures with the goal of confusing people?


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