20 Painful Situations Each of Us Has Likely Been Through

4 years ago

Right at this moment, at least 1,000 people all over the world are probably busy looking for their lost remotes. So, if you’ve lost yours, you’re not alone! There are even more typical situations that happen to a lot of people daily, leaving them wondering why on earth they’re going down that way. The only solution is to look at these things and accept them as a laughing matter!

We at Bright Side have collected the troublesome situations everyone might have endured at least once, and we suggest you smile at them along with us.

1. There’s always this extra lid in the house which makes you seriously wonder about where it came from.

2. Manuals that can drive anyone crazy

3. Whenever you’re starving and want to enjoy your meal in peace:

4. Doing homework with the kids

5. Trying not to yawn while seeing someone yawning is a real struggle.

6. You may spend a fortune on toys and games, but the kids will choose some household utensils to play with instead.

7. All women know this struggle.

8. Working from home

9. What a waste of money!

10. Leave them alone for just a second and fear the worst.

11. Somehow, food on other people’s plates is always better-looking than yours.

12. Being on a diet and eating hobbit portions

13. Seeing this after doing laundry

14. When kids cook for you and you’re supposed to eat it in their presence:

15. First cake experience

16. A dirty dog is a happy dog, but the owner is suffering.

17. “After a 2-week search, I finally found my remote.”

18. Waking up in the morning like this

19. Permanent marker...

20. Buying food in deceitful packaging

Which situation do you find the most painfully relatable? Can you think of more situations that should be added to the list? We’d love to read your stories in the comments.

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Some people fin annoying when pets stare at you when eating but I find it pretty cute


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