18 Parenting Gurus Who Could Easily Outsmart Mary Poppins

Being a parent is great and all, but it can also be considered an extreme sport! They constantly have to be on the lookout and at least 2 steps ahead of their kids, making sure they don’t hurt themselves or break something valuable. Thankfully, experienced and clever parents have come up with hacks that make their jobs just a tad bit easier, which is always welcome!

Bright Side wants to help you with the whole parenting thing by showing you 18 awesome parent hacks.

1. A genius way to hide chocolate

2. “I just give them controllers that aren’t hooked up and play like this for hours.”

3. How to motivate your child to do well in school:

4. How to teach kids multiplication:

5. Welcome to adulthood, kids!

6. How to make sure your kid stays put when you’re cooking:

7. Now you can enjoy cooking BBQ without your little toddler getting too curious!

8. Safety first!

9. Fill up a glove with something and place it on your toddler’s back so they feel loved even when you need a nap!

10. Tape bubble wrap to the stairs if you want to prevent your kids from sneaking downstairs to look at their Christmas presents.

11. Prevent your kids from spilling bubble mix by taping it to a pole.

12. How to keep your baby’s feet warm when you’re on a walk:

13. How to tell your twins apart:

14. Your kid doesn’t want to eat healthily? Just slice an apple and make it look like fries!

15. If you don’t have a bathtub, make one!

16. A frozen sponge makes for a great and cheap icepack.

17. Keep your kids safe on the trampoline with pool noodles.

18. When making ice cream cones, put a marshmallow at the bottom so it stops the ice cream from dripping.

Do you have any useful and genius life hacks other parents can use? Please unveil your secrets. In fact, let’s all help each other and share everything we know!

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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made twins wear different colors of clothers is too hard and getting a special haircut for them is easier? :D


I don't think kids were happy to learn about taxes at such a young age :D


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